Order Issues

Why are the prices you sell on Amazon different from the prices you sell here?

Because the products we sell on Amazon will be charged commission by Amazon. Therefore, the products sold on Casheey's official website will be cheaper than those sold on Amazon. Please rest assured that both the products on Amazon and the products on Casheey official website are exactly the same.


Can I change or modify my order?

Shipping address or items can be modified by yourself before being shipped out.

Note: once the order is shipped out, logistics courier will not support the modify since it was mixed in tremendous packages.


How can I correct my shipping address?

If the order has not been shipped/assigned a tracking number, you can update shipping address"Modify Shipping Address".

If your order has been shipped, please contact support@casheey.com for more help.

Please attention: Shipping Address must be changed/edited via Casheey website. If you edit via payment method platform, it doesn't work.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order in "My orders" by yourself before it ship out.

Note: once the order has been shipped out, it can not be canceled anymore.


Why I did not get a confirmed email about my order?

Normally, an email with tracking number will be sent to your account email address after the order is shipped out in 24 hours.

If you did not receive the email:

  1. Please visit "My orders" to check the order status, it could be still in processing.
  2. Please check your junk emails and if your email address shielded our email.


How to add new shipping address to my account?

Shipping address can be edited or added through " My Address ".


How to change or modify billing address?

When you check out at the first time, it has a "Edit" button, you can edit the billing address.

If you have paid, then no need to change the billing address, it will not affect the delivery, as we'll ship to the shipping address you left, please make sure the shipping address correct.



Where do you ship from?

Casheey has stored the products in several Canadian and Australian domestic warehouses in advance. Our team will ensure your order is being processed as quickly as possible. Your order will dispatch from the nearest warehouse when possible.



Return & Refund

What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition. For more details, please refer to: Refund Policy


How can I return items?

Please contact aiden@casheey.com and tell us which items you want to return.

Note: Item ID or Item sku is needed, so that our agent can process your return request and offer the return address for you.


Why is my item missing?

Maybe your order was shipped out in different packages separately, you can check details via "My orders".

If not, please contact aiden@casheey.com for more help.

Note: here are some info needed:

  1. pictures of the whole outer package including shipping label and all items you received.
  2. SKU or item id of missing item



What kind of payment methods do you have?

We support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, PayPal. Usually, customers pay orders with PayPal.


Are there any additional fee?

Generally, there is no additional fee.

As our prices do not include taxes or duties, it is not 100% sure whether you will be charged for taxes or not.

  1. If you were charged and you want the parcel, we suggest you to pay for taxes first, then send us the receipt, we can refund you part of it as compensation.
  2. If you don't want this package, you can contact support@casheey.com for more help.


What if I was charged any tariffs?

Normally, our customers would not be charged any tariffs. However, because of increasingly strict customs inspection, it happens sometimes. We have no control over these charges and we can’t tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. If you were charged any tarriffs, please contact our customer service for help.

Note: We kindly suggest you not asking for other agents with regards to declaration and customs clearance, for we can only compensate for invoice from the shipping companies which is used to ship your order.

Why was my payment declined?

It might be the below reasons:

  1. Card info are incorrect, kindly check expiration date, billing address, and security code (Security code on the back of your Visa/Master card).
  2. Card issuer bank declined your payment.
  3. No enough balance on the card.

If possible, we advise you to try paying with PayPal.


Product & Stock

What if an item is out of stock?

If an item is marked as “Sold Out” and it isn't restocked within 2 weeks, it is likely to be removed from our online store.


Can I use Casheey pictures on my own website?

Thanks for your like and support for Casheey. Regarding to the cooperation, please contact: support@casheey.com

Our colleague will contact you in first time if needed.