What is Saffiano Leather?

What is Saffiano Leather made of?


Saffiano leather was first made by Italian tanneries. Saffiano leather is cowhide embossed, and it is light and durable and characterized by its unique processing that makes dirt and scratches less noticeable. Therefore, it is often used in items that require durabilities, such as wallets and bags.


After the surface of cowhide is sprayed with PVC or PU film, saffiano leather is pressed and formed on the surface of a steel plate with a cross texture at a specific temperature, showing a texture similar to a cross. The cowhide wallet or bag made by this process is usually used as a styling product because of saffiano leather’s stiffness. It retains the moisture absorption and breathability of the leather and also increases the wear resistance and waterproof performance of the coating.

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Features of Saffiano Leather


・ Light and durable

The surface is specially embossed, and the rugged leather with tension makes it resistant to scratches and dirt.

・ Durable material with high water repellency

Unlike ordinary leather products, it has high water repellency. If it gets a little wet, it will not stain by wiping it off immediately.


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Saffiano Leather authenticity identification method


According to different leather materials, saffiano leather can be divided into saffiano leather made of the first cowhide layer and the second cowhide layer. In addition, the cowhide market also suffered from fake and inferior saffiano leather. The raw material of counterfeit and shoddy saffiano leather is made from PU leather or PU material mixed with some leftover leather. Pure PU material can also be pressed into a saffiano leather effect.


Only looking at the surface of a wallet or bag made of saffiano leather, the three types of saffiano leather mentioned above cannot be distinguished. In terms of hand feel, saffiano leather made of the first layer of cowhide is tight and thin, while the second layer of cowhide is soft and thick. Sometimes the saffiano leather made of the second layer of cowhide has a better feel, moderate hardness and elasticity, and a large thickness.


It should be noted here: that although it is generally said that the price of saffiano leather made of the first layer of cowhide is higher, some imported saffiano leather made of two-layer cowhide is more expensive because of its good workmanship.


Saffiano leather made of pure PU leather or made of leftover materials is not wear-resistant. The processor can adjust the hand feel requirements, so it is mainly determined by looking at the cut surface and smell. The saffiano leather made of genuine leather has a natural leather smell. In contrast, the saffiano leather made of PU leather has the scent of chemical materials. If you cut out a piece and ignite it, the smell will be more pronounced.

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How to care for Saffiano Leather


(1) Brush with a soft brush to remove dirt from the uneven surface.

(2) If there is dirt, remove the dirt by removing the leather cleaner around the place where you wrapped the cloth around your finger.

(3) Take leather wax and cream on cotton or cloth, polish and brush again.

(4) Finally, lightly wipe with a cloth, etc., to finish.



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